About Us

Lifeboat Lab is an experimental creative space committed to increasing awareness of sustainability, environmental responsibility, modern manufacturing techniques, and recycled materials by creating unique, beautiful products for everyday use.

Our Process

We remove discarded plastics from our environment and recycle them–locally–into raw materials.

Using sophisticated 3D design software, we design useful, sturdy, purposeful outdoor-use objects like park benches, beach loungers, trash bins, and kayaks; they will last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable should replacement ever be required.

We minimize waste using a holistic approach to manufacturing our products using these reclaimed materials by employing cutting-edge, AI- and robotic-aided additive manufacturing technologies.

Each series is custom-suited to your needs, has a creation date, and displays its material properties for easy recycling anywhere.

If you no longer need yours or want to discard it… bring it back to us for recycling and raw materials credit.